2017 Volkswagen Line-Up

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2017 Volkswagen Line-Up

Here at FX Caprara Volkswagen Watertown NY, we are proud to offer the entire 2017 Volkswagen vehicle lineup.  Whether a sedan, SUV, station wagon, compact, or convertible, there is a Volkswagen for everyone, and we have every current model available.



Volkswagen prides itself in offering a diverse set of vehicles, each of which are tailored to the specific wants and needs of the car buyer. In terms of sedans, we are proud to offer all 3 of Volkswagen’s 2017 sedan models available.

If you are looking for a compact sedan that offers high quality and tremendous value, we have the Jetta. If you are looking to upgrade to a bigger and better Volkswagen sedan model, we have the Passat. If you are looking for more luxury, and more sport in your sedan, we have the Volkswagen CC available as well.

SUVS and Wagons

Volkswagen has cemented a solid reputation in the industry by providing car buyers around the world with an aesthetically pleasing, well built, and reliable line of SUVS and wagons. For the 2017 model year, Volkswagen continues to meet the mark with 4 available SUV and wagon models.

We have the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, both fantastic station wagons that offer both high quality and great value. If you are looking for a SUVS, we offer both the sporty Tiguan, as well as the premium Touareg.


Volkswagen’s line of compact vehicles are have a long track record of blending high quality, fashionable style, and great value. This track record goes all the way back to the success of the original Volkswagen Beetle. For model year 2017, Volkswagen continues to deliver the finest compact vehicles in the world. The sporty icon the Beetle is back for 2017, even better than ever. We have all the Golf models available as well. Whether you are looking for the Golf, the sportier Golf GTI, the electric e-Golf, or the high performance Golf R, if you are interested in any of the Golf models, we have you covered.

In addition to having the latest, greatest Beetle and Golf compact cars, we are proud to also offer the 2017 Volkswagen Beetle convertible.

We are proud to provide the Watertown, NY area with all of the Volkswagen models for the 2017 model year. No matter what you are looking for in a new vehicle, Volkswagen has something for everybody.

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