2016 Volkswagen Line-Up

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VW 2016 Line

For anyone thinking about buying a new car, it’s important that you do thorough research to ensure that you are getting what you pay for with your hard-earned money. If you are looking for a quality, time-tested car brand, then VW has probably found it’s way onto your list at some point. Since they offer a lot of different models each year, it will be helpful for you to know exactly what your options are going to be if you decide to go with a 2016 VW. They offer four types of vehicle styles: sedans, SUVS/wagons, compacts, and convertibles.



One of the more popular types of VW car that people look into is their sedans. You have three options to choose from:

  • Jetta (the compact sedan)
  • Passat (the midsize sedan)
  • CC (the sleep sports coupe)

The sedans are a great option for someone who is looking for a car with versatility. These cars are spacious, but they are still a good car for someone trying to find an economical fuel economy or create a professional image.


SUVS and Wagons

Another popular option that VW offers are the SUVS and wagons. While the wagon is a bit more on the sporty side, the SUVs are pretty spacious. Here are your three options:

  • Golf SportWagen (the wagon)
  • Tiguan (the sporty SUV)
  • Touareq (the premium SUV)

The Tiquan and Touraq are the SUV options, and these are good cars for people who need extra space for their family or for traveling.



VW is a company known for offering high-quality compact options. Some of their hatchback cars have become very popular in the car community. Here are the three compact cars that VW offers:

  • Beetle (the sporty icon)
  • Golf (the modern hatch)
  • Golf GTI (the hot hatch)
  • e-Golf (the electric hatch)
  • Golf R (the performance hatch)




These are the sportier options for people who want something sleek and cool, and the electric option is great for anyone who is environmentally conscious and wants to save money on fuel.



The list for their convertibles is a bit lonely this year, with only one option:

  • Beetle Convertible (the top-down Beetle)

This car keeps the sport look of the Beetle but has the extra option to take the top down.



Selecting the right car for you really comes down to your preferences for vehicles. However, whether you want something medium-sized, large, or sporty, VW certainly has plenty of options in the 2016 line for you to choose from.

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