2016 Volkswagen CC – Watertown NY

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2016 Volkswagen CC

The 2016 Volkswagen CC is a model that toes the line between calm and collected commuter and fun sports car. Many of the cities in the US are the perfect home for crossover styling like that found in the Volkswagen CC Watertown NY has enough traffic for a conservative midsize sedan to fit right in, but enough open road that the sporty aggressiveness is right at home.

The styling holds another advantage people often overlook until they get to drive a compact, low-slung vehicle like the Volkswagen CC Watertown NY (to continue our example from before) is the home of everything from multistory parking garages to street level traditional lots. Drivers of the Volkswagen CC have no worries about clearance or the larger footprints of big sedans or SUVs.


The 2016 Volkswagen CC comes in three general types, with further options for each:

All three styles can be equipped with super modern devices like rear view cameras, touch screen sound systems and VW Car-Net® App-Connect™, which is similar to the on star system used by other manufacturers where apps are used to quickly get access to the kinds of information the vehicle owner wants.

The CC also gets excellent ratings from the IIHSHLDI (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute), which crash tests new vehicles. The moderate overlap front, side strength, roof strength and seats/head restraints all get top marks for safety during a crash.

The CC also features technology to help avoid a crash altogether. The front assist and lane assist monitor the vehicle’s position within the lane and proximity to the vehicle in front of it, respectively, then provide a nudge of the brake or steering correction to lessen the danger. The available Park Pilot feature signals when the car is getting too close to another vehicle during parking, helping prevent those minor but costly parking lot dings.


CC 2.0T

The base model for the CC leans more toward the sensible commuter than the head turning sports car. The 2.0 liter turbo engine offers a good balance between gas mileage and performance. It is a perfect vehicle for someone who wants to maintain a conservative image with a few touches of luxury.


CC R-Line 2.0T

This package is for those who want to turn heads. In terms of structure and performance, the R-Line 2.0T is identical to the CC 2.0T. Where it differs is styling. The addition of ground effects and a switch to more aggressive looking bumpers combine to create a vehicle that looks far sportier than the base model.



This package is for those who want all the power and luxury the 2016 CC can offer. By sacrificing a few miles per gallon, the CC V6 gains an impressive 80 additional horsepower. In addition to the extra power, the V6 model is available in some exterior colors that the two 2.0 liter versions are not.

The 2016 Volkswagen CC is a great choice for a young professional who wants a conservative vehicle that reflects that he or she is a serious person, but that also has a fun side.

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